Hotel escort

Escort Service

Our Escort Service is well known for the 100% high-class ladies. We arrange private gatherings. Your favourite lady is brought to the appointed hotel or address within 25 minutes in the centre of Amsterdam.

The models accompany you on erotic weekends abroad, on exclusive yacht trips, or to seminars or parties.

For the ladies we can provide the best looking gigolo's, to entertain you in a stylish and comfortable way. These gentlemen are not just well educated, they are fully skilled to guide you for a day of pleasure through town, or help you on your business trip wherever you have to go.

For the men we can provide our Male-escorts, for an hour of wild sex, some romance or even a week end sight seeing in a luxurious limousine, it will be hard for you to choose as all our Male escorts will make your dreams come true.

Appartment Service

Our apartment service offers you the opportunity to arrange beautiful luxurious apartments, for you and your guests in the centre of Amsterdam. Fully furnished for all your comfort, with all business facilities provided. For business or pleasure we make sure you will have the utmost surroundings that are not there to find in a hotel. Of course the lady of your choice who is present will have a big influence on that.

Limousine Service

A special romantic sightseeing trip, by night, in a stretch limousine with champagne and a beautiful model of your choice. We also arrange guided sightseeing tours, all trough the Netherlands, for yourselves or your business associates.

Secretary Service

If wished for we have well educated secretaries, who speak several languages fluently, to help you during your business trip to the Netherlands, for business assistance or just personal pleasure. We have an office for you available with all office facilities you need. There is a conference room and reception if you need.

If you need anything, just informs your secretary, she is fully skilled as your perfect guide to business and pleasure.

Massage Service

After a busy day, a long flight or simply for the pleasure of the experience - massage is a truly wonderful way to relax, get fit and enjoy all your senses. We understand this and therefore we offer several types of massage - each one exotic and distinctly unique. Each massage is performed by a beautiful and highly skilled woman, one that will indulge and hyper-stimulate both your senses and your libido and the massage is including full service. Massages can be booked either through our escort services or you have the possibility for an in call by using a befriended club.


We are related to a very beautiful nightclub called Societé Anonyme.

The rooms at this luxurious men's club are elegant and comfortable; in each room you will find a big bath and video-DVD facilities also you will find Jacuzzi-, and Turkish steam bath facilities. Some of the rooms have been designed to evoke special atmospheres.

The Hollywood room, or our Presidential Suite accentuates just some of the many possibilities to experience complete relaxation at Societé Anonyme.

Our club is located near the Rijksmuseum and the Heineken brewery, on a five-minute walk from Leidseplein. (Stadhouderskade 64) The Nightclub is open daily from 8 PM till 4 AM. No entrance fee charged; free pick up service; all major credit cards accepted.

If you decide to take a taxi to Societe Anonyme, please insist the taxi chauffeur to take you to our club. Due to free admission at the club, cabdrivers don't receive any commission from use, therefore they would rather take you somewhere else, where you pay about € 100,- cover charge which the taxi chauffeur will then receive as their commission.

The quoted prices are recommended prices. All the ladies are independent workers and take care of their own taxes.

Sailing trips

In the summertime, when the weather conditions are perfect, explore our Country in an erotic manner. We organize Sailing- and Yacht trips, for a day or multiple days, with one or more ladies of your choice, these trips are for a minimum of 4 persons; we will fully provide champagne, lunch and barbecue ashore.

Bachelor Parties

You or your friend will celebrate single life for the last time? Let us make sure it will never be forgotten! We will provide a full program to be put together by us, according to your wishes, no matter the amount of people.

Erotic Weekend

Five - Stars Program, Make your fantasy come true! You will be picked up at the airport Amsterdam Schiphol by the lady of your choice and she will bring you to a 5-star Hotel in Amsterdam were the welcoming champagne is on ice in your room just waiting for you. The lady of your choice helps with unpacking your luggage and will bath soap you so you are all relaxed to go for wining and dining in one of the fine selected top class restaurants. After, as you please, ShowTime at the Amsterdam Red light districts and see Amsterdam at night in the best possible way!

Next morning sightseeing Amsterdam (Tulips, windmills, Cheese factory etc) and a visit to The Hague or Rotterdam worlds biggest Harbours are optional. Or visit the museums Amsterdam is famous for; Rijksmuseum, the Vincent van Gogh museum, the maritime museum, The Anne Frank House, The flower market and the Sex Museum For the night program a visit to a night- or dance club can be arranged. Or go visit a swingers club. The next day can be filled by your wish, a more relaxed day in a health and beauty farm or visit a massage house; they have also the facilities of herbal baths, sauna and steam rooms. After you have enjoyed lunch your lady will guide you to the hotel to help you collect your luggage and will bring you to the airport for a warm farewell.

SM / Fetish Service

As SM is a special field of sport we have a trusted partner who can provide the following services, such as; bondage, nursing, electrical shocks and much, much more. Contact us today on +31208950069.